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Meet Dot

Your Passionate Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher

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I’m Dot, a seasoned singing instructor and performer dedicated to helping my students achieve their musical dreams. I revel in witnessing those magical breakthrough moments when my students discover their true vocal potential.

With a wealth of vocal training and a diverse array of teaching strategies, I'm equipped to help you reach your musical goals. In 2009, I opened my singing studio with the mission of sharing my love of music. Since then, I've gained experience in various genres, making me a versatile instructor.

Having honed my skills in classical technique, I now specialize in popular styles of music. In July 2020, I took my expertise to the next level by creating instructional vocal exercises for YouTube. Today, my channel is a valuable resource for singing teachers, music educators, and institutions around the world.

Join me on my mission to spread the joy of singing!
Let’s unlock your full potential and make your musical dreams a reality.

Training & Development

Bachelor of Music (Performance - Voice) Melba Conservatorium 2008

Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education - Monash University 2009/2010

Estill Voice Training, Level 1 & 2 Course - July 2012 & 2015

Certified in levels I, II & III of Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method - 2017, 2019

Vocal Process - Singing Teacher Training Level 1 & 2, Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher - 2020

Soul Ingredients® Methodology Course: When Science Meets Soul - 2020

Certificate in Vocal Health First Aid completed Jan 2021

Vocal Health Anatomy - Short Course, Aug 2021

Fundamental Anatomy Vocal Health Education - Online 2021

Teaching Young Voice - Jenevora Williams  - Online 2022

Evolve Teach Voice with Chris Johnson current - 2024

Sing with Freedom - Per Bristow 2015

ANATS Internship/Mentors - Internship/Mentors - Lyn Gillet 2014

8th International Congress of Voice Teachers - 2013

Singing in Schools Series of Workshops - 2012

Functional Anatomy of the Vocal Tract - Jenny Caire 2012

Anats Internship/Mentor - John Lander, Ian Lowe, Jenny Caire 2012

Music Technology in Education Conference - 2009

Kodaly Autumn Seminar - 2008

How to run a (Better) Primary School choir - Mark O'Leary 2007

VHFA badge.jpg


James Hill Ukulele Initiative Teacher Certification Program - Level 1 Phase 1, 18 Nov 2017 - Hamilton New Zealand. Followed by nine months of online training, discussion and internet seminars to deepen the knowledge of ukulele playing and pedagogy.


Grace Bennet, Anne Ryan, Stefanie Carter, Jannette Kearns, Ian Lowe, Margaret Nisbet, Gerald Marko, Brenda Earl Stokes.


I continually strive to keep up with current stuff about singing and am a member of several local and international forums, support groups and networks for singing teachers and regularly listen to Podcasts.

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