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How To Create An Effective
Vocal Exercise Routine for Singers

Knowing the order in which to do your vocal exercises is essential to achieving the best results for a balanced healthy voice. If you don’t know where to start, we can help!


A well rounded vocal exercise routine presented in optimal order for best results.

You'll understand and learn how to create your own routine. 

  • Vocal Routine Exercise Guide PDF 

  • 2 Breathing Exercises - Mp3s

  • 18 Vocal Exercises Male & Female - Mp3s

  • Links to YouTube Playlists - Male & Female

  • Bonus Tips & Notes

Vocal Training Made Easy.

Many singers struggle with organizing vocal exercises in a way that makes sense and is effective for their voice.

Surfing YouTube for vocal routines can be confusing with too many coaches and routines, making it hard to know where to start and what's right for you.

Vocal exercises are an important part of developing a strong, balanced voice. In this guide, we will cover the different types of vocal exercises and the order in which to do them for maximum benefit. You will start with simple exercises that focus on breath control and vocal resonance and gradually progress to more complex exercises that target specific areas of your voice.

By following the advice and exercises outlined in this guide, you will gain a clear understanding and be well on your way to optimizing your vocal routine and technique.

Don't let confusion hold you back from reaching your full singing potential.

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