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Big cheers for and enthusiastic thanks to Dot for her amazing YouTube channel. I'm a newbie to singing at 61 yrs old and have found the drills, exercises, practices, combination-sets, explanations and encouragements on the channel to be absolutely brilliant. Everything is so clear and easy to follow; the different videos are well-labelled and categorised so that you can find exactly what you're looking for and make your own playlist of the things which are most helpful for you. (There are also playlists and combination-sets already provided on the channel.) The length of the exercises, the information and motivation comments along the way, the quality of the production - just great.
Many, many times when I otherwise would have missed a day's practice, I've gone to Dot's YouTube channel, picked out some exercises and got on with it. This has been an enormous boost to my understanding, my technique, and my practice. Thank you, Dot! David Field, August 2023. Google Review.


Dear Dorothy Thorpe.....I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!! And my students are loving them too! One thing I LOVE is that we use them for warm-ups over Zoom and it has made my life SO MUCH EASIER. I love the graphics especially. So easy to follow, for kids and adults. I love the variety. I love not having to try and count while I'm trying to do a breathing exercise at the same time. HAHAHA! THANK YOU FOR THIS RESOURCE! Christine Keene 21 Oct 2021 Voice Teacher USA via FB groups

Dot's lessons helped my confidence and technique. I learnt alot in a friendly fun way. I am now writing my own songs and singing covers, I can really feel the improvement and it motivates me to sing more. Thankyou Dot for inspiring and showing me valuable skills to sing well. Tom Lee, 5 Oct 2020. Google Review

Great teacher ..!! Really shows interest in her kids, cares and is very passionate.

Helen Nicolopoulos, 10 March 2020. Facebook Review

My daughter has been learning to sing with Dot for 4 years and has enjoyed the whole experience. In addition to the singing, she has also started playing Ukulele with Dot and this has added to her appreciation of music, in both practice and theory. My daughter really appreciates the flexibility and range of what she can learn and has said Dot is highly supportive and encouraging. 

John Marinovic, 22 Jan 2020. Google Review

My daughter has been taking lessons with Dot since Jan 2019 and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with our experience. My daughter looks forward to each lesson and her progress has been excellent. Dot is highly experienced and a true professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to further their singing. Deborah Allen, August 2019. Google Review

I’ve been attending singing lessons for a while with Dorothy now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice in choosing dots singing &music school. I am constantly learning new things, and enjoy every lesson I attend! There’s never a dull moment with dots fantastic bubbly fun personality, full of experience and always eager to help me achieve all that I want too!! Thankyou for also helping me become more and more confident and comfortable each lesson!! Your the best!! Monique Seiver, 25 August 2019. Google Review

Dorothy (Dot) is a wonderful teacher. I’m a more “mature” student who has dabbled in singing for years but never had a singing lesson before. Dot has been so patient, teaching me technique, and bringing the best out of my singing. Dot is very supportive of her students and very encouraging. I would certainly recommend Dot if you need a really good singing teacher! Frank Caparelli, 18 May 2019. Facebook Review

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me this year. You have helped me in so many ways this year with my singing and mental health. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have been your student and that hopefully, I will see you again in the future.

Emma C, 13 December 2018. Having a break to start VCE year 12.

I thoroughly enjoy our lessons and I can actually see continual progress. She is a fantastic singer & teacher suitable for any age. Andrew Jarick, 22 September 2018. Google+ Review

I have loved and got much out of the two lessons I did with you (unable to continue constrained for time). Thanks for helping me find my voice and have confidence in it. Good luck for your own busy work and life schedule. You are a great teacher and unlocked some mysteries of the voice for me.

Best wishes Evelyn Tsitas, 27 October 2017

Dot has been my daughter's singing teacher for almost three years. The dedication and interest she puts into my girls has been amazing. The opportunities they have been given has really increased their profile as singers. I would highly recommend Dot's Singing. Metina Rist, 11 July 2017 Facebook Review


Dot is simply an amazing teacher! I'm not confident in either myself or my voice at the best of times, but Dot's patience, encouragement and enthusiasm with my singing lessons has given me a renewed confidence in being able to improve my voice and to (hopefully) sing without fear. For that I am forever grateful. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to stop going. But I would start again in a heartbeat if it were possible. If you're reading this review, then you must love singing. Do yourself and your dreams a favour - go to the website and sign up for a lesson! Thank you for everything. Zach BL, 19 May 2017.  Google+ Review

2016 / 2015

I started lessons with Dot halfway through the year, and I have already noticed big improvements. Not only has she helped me with my diction and tonal qualities, she has given me valuable insight into my songwriting and lyric construction. I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Dot and know I will continue to do so in the new year. Thanks for everything. Taliya Blom - singer/songwriter/drummer/instrumental teacher 10 Dec 2016.

Thank you for such a wonderful year putting up with a very stressed student in my lessons! My lessons with you were honestly highlights of my year and I always looked forward to them and they were a great break from studying and always lots of fun. Claire - VCE student, 30 Nov 2016.

From a student doing a Bachelor of  Music - majoring in Guitar. I've decided not to continue singing lessons as I got offered a double major in singing and guitar next trimester at Uni.... Thank you for giving me a great start and teaching me.  You've given me more confidence in my voice and performing..... Once again thanks for everything. Daniel Roughley, 28 May 2016.

Thanks, we had a really fun night. Lots of great singing and entertainment. Thank you! I wanted to say again how fun and entertaining the night was. It is great to see people of all ages getting up and doing something they love and are great at! Sonia Evan via Facebook, re Open Mic held 17 April 2016.

Thank you for all your hard work organising the Student Concert yesterday. As with everyone else, Siena (10), myself, her Mum and even little brother loved it.  Also thanks for giving Siena the opportunity to be one of your students and discover her voice, literally and figuratively. We are lucky to have you as her music teacher and look forward to the year ahead. Gerard Ferrara, 7 December 2015.

I went to see Dot to help me deal with, improve upon and understand several issues and qualities of my voice. I found her to be very genuine, friendly, professional and non-intimidating. I felt straight away from the first lesson like I could relax and be myself and sing freely. If you have inhibitions about singing, they will dissolve in front of Dot. Singing is an extremely personal practice for me so finding the right teacher was very important. No matter what mood I'm in before I see Dot or how I'm feeling, after a lesson, I always leave feeling good :)
Dot knows her stuff about vocal anatomy too, she's more than just a singing teacher! I understand so many things about how my vocal chords and breath work together now. Since starting lessons, my voice now sounds smoother, stronger and it feels much easier and satisfying to sing in general. I have much more confidence in my voice now :) I also think Dot is realistic and only pushes you as much as you want to be pushed. I think she tailors the lesson to the individuals' needs and wants. Highly recommend!

Mia Zielinski, 26 October 2015. True Local Review

I've been singing with Dot since the end of last year and I started with her at a time when I was losing my passion for singing a bit and was desperate to find some joy in it again. Dot's guidance and passion for singing had me within the first few lessons in love with it once again. She manages to create both a professional and friendly space for lessons, and I felt at ease and confident immediately with Dot, in her beautiful studio looking out towards her gorgeous landscaped garden. My voice has never felt stronger and I've had many comments since I've started with Dot on how much my voice has improved, and I feel it every time I sing. I look forward all week to my half an hour lesson every Thursday, and I am amazed at how far I've come in the short time I've been with Dot. She is a truly gifted teacher and has taught me so much about technique, confidence and performing. I encourage everyone of whatever skill level who has a passion for singing to learn with Dot. Claire Evans, 30 August 2015 Google+ Review

The Open Mic night was so fun and such a supportive crowd, I'm so glad my daughter is having lessons with you, your passion for music and everything you do really shines through and makes a positive impact on all your students. Diana - 22 April 2015 

Dot is a terrific singing teacher for kids, teens and adults. With qualifications in music, she teaches the science of singing so that the artist's talent shines through and sounds effortless. Dot understands the developing voice and chooses a repertoire suitable for the voice. Dot offers her students opportunities to perform in public when they are ready, as a solo, in groups and in multiple part harmonies that develop different performance skills. Dot is funny and gentle but will push the student to be their best. Dr Catherine Renzaho, Jan 2015

2014 / 2013

Thanks for another fantastic open mic night. It never ceases to amaze me the calibre of talent we have the pleasure of witnessing. Look forward to the next one. Martin Lobe, via Facebook, Nov 2014

Congratulations on a well organised day. We all had a great time, Laura's voice has improved so much thanks to your hard work and dedication. I look forward to the next singing concert. Annie Flynn, 31 August 2014 

Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful turnout today. Everyone enjoyed themselves it was very obvious! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and giving me the courage to sing in front of all of those people. It was such a great experience and I hope we all get that opportunity again soon so I can invite all of my family. I also wanted to say how blown away everyone was when we watched you perform. You have such a lovely voice and your group is so strong all together! Mum was very very impressed and she's such a tough pleaser, believe me! So well done and thank you!  P.S. Dad was very impressed with Gary's skills with all the sound equipment, ensuring everyone had the best possible set up for their performance. :) Jordan Prince, 31 August 2014 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to sing, I haven't done it in a while so was a little rusty.  I had a great time though, and it was great to see so much talent. Leighton Irwin, 31 August 2014 (Open Mic performer)

I've been singing with Dot for almost 3 years now. As a complete amateur who just wanted to learn to sing for fun, it was completely daunting to walk in for that first lesson knowing I had to showcase my skills (or lack thereof) in front of a complete stranger but Dot's pleasant approach made me feel right at home from the minute I walked in. Dot's passion and her dedication to her job means she always goes above and beyond for her students. With her teaching and encouragement, I've had the chance to tackle songs that I thought were completely out of my league. I have loved my lessons, they have become my weekly getaway from the working and studying life. And the best part of all is hearing for myself how far my voice has come.

Vicki Pais, June 2014  Google+ Review

5 SINGING STARS! I started lessons with Dot after finishing high school and have not looked back. Dot has taught me the importance OF and HOW to breathe when singing. Under her instruction, I have been able to increase my vocal range and all-round ability. A healthy vocal technique has helped me to sing with improved power and projection, for longer. Dot's guidance when it comes to successful preparation for vocal auditions has been invaluable, as to have the numerous opportunities to perform locally for family, friends and fellow students. If you think it's about time you swapped the hairbrush for a mic and are seeking a friendly and supportive environment, then Dot is the teacher for you!

Morgan Lobe, Nov 2013 True Local Review

I started taking singing lessons with Dot at the beginning of 2012, and since having over a year of lessons with her I have noticed big differences in my voice. She has taught me helpful technique and has really helped me developed my voice. I would highly recommend lessons with her as I hadn't received proper singing lessons before and have gained so much more confidence in singing. Dot is an extremely kind and passionate teacher and would benefit anyone who wants to learn how to sing. Thanks Dot :) 

Alex Russell, Oct 2013 True Local Review

I have always wanted to take singing lessons, and being retired has given me the opportunity. The improvement in my singing with Dot’s lessons has been very noticeable. Even my own children have remarked on it! Dot helped me prepare to sing Danny Boy at a remembrance ceremony at my mother’s graveside. My niece’s husband, Philip Quast (a professional actor and singer who played Javert in Les Miserables, amongst many other things), was there. Afterwards, he told me that I “sang Danny Boy really beautifully”, a great compliment coming from him. Thank you Dot!

Brian Davey, Sept 2013 True Local Review

Dorothy is a fabulous teacher. She has brought the joy of singing back and I am so very grateful. She is a gifted teacher who is able to match her style to any singer with outstanding results. I highly recommend her.

Danielle S Pyschologist 2013


Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me prepare for singing at my wedding (and my brother's wedding!) Though It was stressful, I'm glad I did it! You're a wonderful teacher; very passionate and dedicated. 

Lauren B. Occupational Therapist 2013

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