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Master a Chesty Mix

Updated: Jun 9

For singers looking to improve their vocal range and versatility, mastering the chest mix technique is an essential skill. If you've already checked out my Vocal Exercise Routine Guide, you understand the significance of balancing vocal registers. However, mastering the chesty mix technique requires a slightly different approach. It involves bright vowels, controlled volume with minimal airflow.

In this blog post, I'll be talking about how to achieve a chesty mix through a

7-minute Pop Warm-Up routine. This routine is designed to help you prepare for songs that need a chesty mix, like Price Tag - by Jessie J or Burn - from Hamilton.

So, let's dive in and explore the world of a chesty mix!

A female pop singer on stage with a pink background

Understanding the Chesty Mix:

The chesty mix is a vocal technique that combines chest voice with a blend of head voice. It allows you to maintain the strength and resonance of your chest voice even when you're singing in the upper register. This creates a powerful and connected sound throughout your vocal range. You can recognize a chesty mix by its bright and edgy quality. It opens up a wider range of sounds and styles for you to explore and experiment with.

The Importance of Balance:

Before we get into the specifics of achieving a chesty mix, it's important to address some temporary adjustments you might experience. As you work towards a balanced chesty mix, you might feel like you've lost some high notes. Don't worry! This is normal. Think of it like a bodybuilder focusing on building muscles or a sprinter working on lengthening their strides. You can't expect both results at the same time. With targeted exercises, you can rebalance your voice and regain control over your entire vocal range. For example, try this 9-minute daily vocal warm-up for a balanced voice.

The 7 Minute Vocal Routine:

Introducing the 7-minute vocal routine, a quick and easy way to achieve a balanced chesty mix.

Please note that the video needs to be updated to include a head voice exercise.

This routine is specifically designed for the female vocal range.

The warm-up includes dynamic exercises that incorporate twang and bright vowels, which are characteristic of contemporary pop vocals. This routine focuses less on head voice, but it is still important to include a head voice exercise, see 3a below. If you find yourself singing flat or under pitch, it means you may need to allow more head voice in the mix.

Here are the exercises in the 7-minute Pop warm-up video:

1️⃣ Breathing and abdominals - SS FF Blow blow blow.

2️⃣ Resonance and articulation - Mommy made me mash my m&m's.

3️⃣ Pure Chest Voice - Yah Yah Yah.

(3a) At this point please add a head voice exercise, such as Oo 3rd slides. Only go as high as you're comfortable, maybe up to G5 or A5.

Steps 4 and 5 in this routine are different from the balanced routine listed in the Vocal Exercise Routine Guide.

4️⃣ Mixed Voice. Use the "Nya Nya" sound with a medium to medium-soft volume. This sound is an ugly piercing sound, imagine a witchy sound. Be careful not to strain your throat.

5️⃣ Mixed Voice - Bright Ah or A: Maintain medium volume. Soften the higher notes slightly. Make sure your vocal folds feel connected, and try different volumes to find what works best for you.

6️⃣ Blending Registers - "Glay Glay": Focusing on volume variations from medium-loud to medium-soft. Over exaggerate the tongue movement with the G and L consonants.

7️⃣ Chest Mix Arpeggio: Sing the phrase "It Is A Very Nice Day" in a chesty mix sound. Imagine you're speaking the words on pitch. As you go higher, allow a little bit of head voice to come in. If you feel any discomfort or strain, lower the volume.

8️⃣ Chesty Mix - Descending Riff: This exercise is just for fun! It gives you a chance to play around and further develop your chesty mix technique.


Sherry Feller - 1 year ago. Excellent - great combination of exercises to accomplish a great deal quickly. Helpful hints on screen as one sings through the exercises. I know many singers who could benefit from this. Thanks~
Kenzie Waltz - 1 year ago. Holy crap! I LOVE how you put the reason for the vocal warm up on there so we can see it! Every other warm up video I've seen does not do that. Much appreciated. What a nice little warm up. I will be using it often.️

The 7 Minute Vocal Routine is a quick and effective way to warm up your voice ready for performance of pop vocals or musical theatre styles. By incorporating theses vocal exercises into your daily practice routine and following the tips outlined in this article and the video, you can improve your vocal performance and achieve a balanced chesty mix. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing today and take your singing to the next level!

I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!



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