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How to Create Your Own Playlist... FAST!

Updated: Jun 9

5 ways to create your own YouTube playlist

Have you ever wondered how best to navigate the Dots Singing Channel so that you can make the most of the free singing resources?


Well, we’ve decided to write this post to explain how best to utilise YouTube and Dots Singing Channel in aid of developing your vocal strength and style to the best of your ability.



With personalised playlists, that’s how!


Personal playlists are the easiest way to use YouTube to ensure you are getting the most from the many music resources that are uploaded on the Dots Singing YouTube Channel, and it’s completely up to you what you add, when you add them and why.


So, let’s walk through the steps to sign in, navigate the channel, select lessons, and create a playlist that suits your own unique taste and singing style.


Singing just became a whole lot easier!


1. Sign in Using Google Email


Before diving into the world of Dots Singing, make sure that you're signed in with your Google email account on YouTube. This allows you to access your profile, making the playlist creation process smoother. If you don't have a Google account, you can easily create one for free HERE.


2. Navigate Dots Singing Channel


Once signed in, head to the Dots Singing YouTube Channel Homepage. To find the right exercises, scroll down the channel page. You will be guided by the subheadings that explain what each vocal exercise is. For example: ‘Head Voice’.


The exercises listed under the subheadings are color-coded! The pink highlighted exercises are predominately for female voices and blue highlighted exercises are predominately for the male voice. This organisation simplifies your search, making it easy to find the perfect lessons that are best suited to your tone of voice. However, you are more than welcome to mix it up and try them all! That’s the beauty of being able to personalise a playlist.


playlist and dots singing channel YouTube

 3. Choose Two Lessons from Each Resource


Dots channel offers a variety of resources. Select two lessons from each category that resonate with you. Whether you're honing your vocal range or working on specific techniques, there’s an opportunity to build and develop on them all. Take your time exploring and picking the exercises that spark your interest. There’s a lot there to choose from, and just because you add it to your playlist once doesn’t mean it has to stay there . You can add and remove whenever you choose.


To understand which resources to add to your playlist, and which ones would be better for your voice and singing skills, you can download the Dots Singing Vocal Exercise Routine Guide that is listed under the header of the YouTube Channel homepage. This is a free guide that goes through the steps of what to choose to best develop your singing… and which order to place them in on your personalised playlist!


playlist and dots singing channel YouTube


4. Add to Playlist


Now, let's curate your personalised playlist! Beneath each video, you'll spot three dots of which you will need to click, and then select "+ Add to" button. Click on it and either create a new playlist or add the video to an existing one. As you pick your lessons, keep adding them to your playlist until you have a selection that suits your learning goals. You can name the playlist whatever you like, and can set it to ‘public’ or ‘private’ depending on whether you’d like to be able to grant access to third parties to use your playlist as a resource of their own.  


playlist and dots singing channel YouTube.


5. Listening to Your Playlist and Reordering


To enjoy your curated playlist, head to the YouTube Homepage, click on the library icon, and select "Playlists." Here, you'll find the Dots Singing Playlist that you have created, and added to. Once you hit play, your chosen lessons automatically play in the order you have chosen.  If you want to change the order, simply visit the playlist page, click on the two lines next to a video, and drag it to its desired position.


You can change, alter and re-design at any point you wish.


playlist and dots singing channel YouTube.


 Bonus: Download the Vocal Exercise Routine Guide


Don't forget to explore the additional resources on Dots Singing Channel. You can download the Vocal Resource Guide from the header on the main page. This guide provides valuable insights and tips to complement your learning journey.


Crafting a personalised playlist on Dots Singing YouTube Channel is a breeze. From signing in to selecting lessons and rearranging your playlist, this guide ensures you make the most of your musical exploration. So, let’s dive into the world of Dots Singing, and let the singing begin.


Don’t forget to utilise the Dots Singing Vocal Exercise Routine Guide by downloading it HERE.





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