Singing Lessons

Melbourne, Australia

Ready to take your voice to the next level?


Dots Singing will give you the skills, knowledge and guidance to be the singer you want to be!

As your personal singing teacher and vocal coach Dot can help  

you become a confident, skilled singer and performer.

Ready to reclaim your voice?

Frustrated with your voice?

Struggle with high notes?

Does it hurt when you sing loud? 

Does your voice crack?

Sound like you have two different voices?

Have trouble breathing?

Find long phrases difficult?

Dots Singing is here to help!

Hi, I'm Dot

Qualified Singing and Music Teacher 

I'm passionate about singing, music and teaching. I get a kick out of witnessing students "Ah-ha" moments. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover the joy of singing and making music. 

I love to create a safe space where students feel safe and comfortable to grow and inspired to take their voice to the next level, transforming them into confident singers, performers and musicians.

How we can help?

  • with fun, engaging, educational lessons

  • by imparting knowledge & understanding

  • by helping you improve your technique

  • teach you how to breathe efficiently

  • by blending your registers

  • by developing low & high notes

  • by building confidence 


Location: 180 Mountain View Pde

Rosanna,  Melbourne, Aus 3084 


Phone: 0417553969