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 Let's take the confusion out of your vocal practice routine! 

Dorothy Thorpe - Singing Teacher

Hello, my name is Dot, and I'm a
Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach

I've seen vocalists struggle with the same issues over and over again. What do they have in common? 

Usually, something is missing in their vocal technique!

Believe me, I know, I wasn't taught vocal technique until my final year at Uni.

YEP, that's right and I was pissed off. 

That year my improvement was rapid and my voice soared.

I finally had a teacher who taught me technique and everything clicked.

With a healthy technique comes the freedom to sing what you want,

with a reliable and predictable voice able to express creativity and emotion.  


Dot provides singing lessons in popular styles of music, online or in-person.

With nearly 18 years of teaching, performance experience and training, you're in good hands with Dot. 


Whether you're a skilled amateur or a professional vocalist needing fine-tuning Dots knowledge and experience will inspire you to master your vocal technique and realise your full potential. Let's Go!

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Fast track your vocal technique simply!

Group classes are a fun, informative and affordable way to practice singing. 

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Hey there!

I’m Dorothy Thorpe,

Dot for short. I’m a singing teacher, vocal coach and a YouTuber. I love to help people discover the joy of singing simply and efficiently. My head is full of ideas & I love to create resources for singers and teachers. 

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