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Singing Lessons with Dot
Online or In Person

Ready to Take Your Voice to the Next Level?

Contemporary Singing Lessons
for Beginners and Professionals

With over a decade of teaching and performance experience you're in good hands with Dot.


Whether you're a beginner learning from scratch or a professional needing fine tuning Dots knowledge and enthusiasm will inspire you to develop the full potential of your voice.

Let's Go!

Frustrated with your voice?

Struggle with high notes?

Does it hurt to sing loud? 

Does your voice crack?

Sound like you have two different voices?

Have trouble breathing?

Are long phrases difficult?

Dots Singing is here to help!

Dots Singing will give you the skills, knowledge and guidance to be the singer you want to be!

As your personal singing teacher and vocal coach Dot can help  
you become a confident, skilled singer and performer.
Ready to reclaim your voice?

Your Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach

I'm Dot, I'm passionate about singing, music and teaching. I get a kick out of witnessing students "Ah-ha" moments. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover the joy of high level singing.  

I love to create space where students feel safe, free to grow and ask questions and be inspired to take their voice to the next level, transforming them into confident singers, performers and musicians.

How I can help?

with fun, engaging, educational lessons

by imparting knowledge & understanding

by improving your technique

by adapting to your learning style

teach you how to breathe efficiently

by blending your registers

by developing low & high notes

by building confidence 

by understanding the 'WHY'

Dots Singing YouTube Channel

Over 80 Vocal warm up exercises with instruction
on vocal technique and more...