Private Singing Lessons

  • Private singing lessons are available for kids 8 plus, teens and adults, beginner to professional in contemporary styles of music.

  • Lessons are available at 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration.

  • Lessons are recorded for ease of practice and reflection (done via Zoom at the moment)

  • Please bring a USB stick to each lesson.


Our job is to educate, facilitate, guide and inspire you along your vocal and musical path. Lessons are flexible and based on your needs, but always with an emphasis on healthy vocal technique and enjoyment. We will work together to help find your natural singing voice, enabling you to sing with ease, power, freedom, and confidence. You will sing songs you want to, with guidance.  

Students always leave the studio feeling energised, inspired and smiling. Students who practice exercises covered in lessons daily will show rapid improvement and amazing results. 

Please note: Kids are assessed for suitability for private singing lessons. The ability to focus for 30 minutes, reading and English language skills are essential. 


New students are welcome anytime during the term and are offered a first introductory lesson without the commitment to continue.  

Please read the STUDIO POLICY before committing to lessons

Private Singing Lessons



The introductory lesson usually involves a chat about your music history and goals. If comfortable, I may ask you to sing a verse and chorus of your favourite song. Then we might jump right into simple warm-ups and exercises, think of it as making noises, don't stress it's very relaxed. This lesson gives you and Dot time to decide whether you are compatible before committing to further lessons. 


What I'll listen and watch for:

  • Your ability to sing in tune and in time.

  • The quality of the lower, middle & upper register and the transition between registers.

  • Types of vocal onsets of sound being used

  • Any tension in the body, neck, jaw, shoulders, etc

  • Breathing and posture

  • Your energy levels and volume



Lessons may include a combination of teaching and help with ukulele, basic guitar and basic piano accompaniment skills. Students are introduced to these instrumental skills to allow them to accompany themselves while singing. This is a powerful learning tool for both musicianship skills and cognitive development. Younger students are encouraged to take up the Ukulele and they may naturally want to progress to the guitar (somewhere else) as they get older.


  • Water bottle

  • USB stick

  • Printed lyrics

  • Notebook



  • Practice at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week  

  • Attend lesson even if you haven't practised

  • Do not practice on the day of your lesson

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your lesson time


A singing teacher develops an ability to hear things that an untrained person cannot, although there are many sites online with good advice, ultimately you need another set of ears to listen and assess your voice. Much of the information available online should be considered as a resource rather than a replacement for a good teacher. I have seen beginner students who have spent a year learning online and yet, still haven't got a basic foundation of singing. Online singing lessons are useful to an experienced singer or teacher who has already studied voice for some time and can assess what information good and what is not.


  • Posture and breath control 

  • Vocal warm-up and vocal exercises 

  • Blending registers

  • Understanding vocal registers, chest, head, mix, falsetto

  • Range extension, flexibility and stamina 

  • How to articulate words clearly

  • Vowel formation - bright and dark vowels

  • Onsets: glottal, balanced, aspirate and vocal fry

  • Song selection and development  

  • Preparation of repertoire for performance 

  • Pitch and ear training, solfege, hand-signs

  • Active listening skills and musicianship

  • Audition preparation 

  • Stage presentation 

  • Microphone technique

  • Anatomy & physiology of how the voice works

  • Strategies for overcoming performance anxiety and nerves 

  • Interpretation and storytelling

  • Authentic stage presentation & performance coaching

  • The science of singing, acoustics, resonance. 

  • Visual feedback and analysis using Sing & See for science nerds

  • Understanding and singing in harmony

  • Simple piano, guitar & ukulele accompaniment

  • Music theory 

  • Basic recordings on Protools


Shared Singing Lessons


Cost Effective Shared Lessons

A shared lesson consists of two students of similar ability. Shared lessons are cost-effective and are great for friends and family, or band members. 

A shared lesson is not only a great learning environment for the group but also for the individual as an observer and listener. Both students may have varying vocal needs with differentiated instruction, therefore, offering greater learning opportunities in a cooperative manner, whilst still providing the opportunity to find what works for themselves.



Share the confidence!

Shared lessons give students an increased level of confidence as they may; perform together and individually, bounce creative ideas; learn to listen analytically and critically in a positive learning environment. Duo's or band members can work on harmonies, blending and vocal arrangements, creating more creative opportunities, aural awareness and musicianship skills. Shared lessons encourage students to be social, considerate, and cooperative. 

Important information about shared lessons

Shared lessons are a cheaper option for family or friends of similar ability.

Shared lessons are to be paid a term in advance (except for the initial trial lesson). 

No refunds are available for shared lessons.

30 minute shared lesson are only available for children under 12 years of age.

Example of what may occur in shared lessons:

If you have a shared lesson of 45 minutes and person A is away, then person B is still entitled to a 45 minute lesson. Person A does not get a refund.


Location: 180 Mountain View Pde

Rosanna,  Melbourne, Aus 3084 


Phone: 0417553969