• Dorothy Thorpe

How to Learn a New Song Quickly

1. Listen to the melody. Do not sing or hum just listen. Ideally, listen to the melody played on a piano or another instrument. If not just listen to another singer. Do this several times until you can predict which note comes next. Be patient close your eyes and listen - this is the key to fast learning.

2. Sing staccato.

Sing the melody staccato on Bap, Da, Di or on a vowel. Staccato means short and detached. Singing staccato is a very effective way of gaining pitch accuracy and timing. Learn one section or phrase at a time before moving on to the next.

3. Say the words.

Read the words like a poem several times with crisp clear consonants in a poshy voice - think of Julie Andrews. This helps the muscles around the face and mouth get used to the shape of the words, i.e. building muscle memory. It also aids memorisation, understanding and projection in the next step. With difficult passages, say the words in rhythm staccato. At this stage you could also mark in logical breath marks.

4. Put it all together.

Once you are confident with the melody and rhythym sing the song with the words.

Learning a new song in this manner is faster than trying to sing the words straight up. Once the basics are learnt it's time to move onto phrasing, dynamics, interpretation and expression.

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