I'm so excited that Peppa (13) and Nithu (10) have entered the Take the Mic singing competition. I can't wait for the results. 

They weren't planning on entering but due to the COVID 19, I suggested it would be a great experience and give them a goal. Luckily Peppa had a song already prepared that we had been working on. Nithu was less prepared as her entry was a last-minute decision, but we're not concerned with the outcome. The preparation of the video entry in itself was a great learning experience.  An added bonus is they'll be receiving feedback from the judges regardless of whether they win or lose.

Video's will be made public once the competition is over.

TAKE THE MIC competion - Peppa and Nithu (May 2020)

Peppa - Take the Mic Competition
Nithu - Take the Mic Competition
Luke Whillance - Charlie in Concert

Congratulation - Luke Whillance

Congratulations to Luke Whillance who did a great job performing Charlie in his school concert. Especially considering he has only has 6 singing lessons. Well done Luke! Luke loves musical theatre and acting and is only 13 years of age. See a snippet of his performance on the link below.

Jack Flynn - Cowboy Bob - Footloose_edit

Jack Flynn - Footloose 2020

Once again Jack has successfully auditioned for the school production of Footloose. He will be playing the lead/featured role of Cowboy Bob in his school production of Footloose in 2020.

Jack has shown such maturity in the last year, choosing his own audition song and dance moves to impress the audition panel. He has already started working on his song for the show a week after he received notification of the role.

NEWS 2019

Tahlia Rist - Back To The 80s

Tahlia did a magnificent job playing the supporting role of Laura Wilde in her high school production of Back To The 80s. Her level of commitment, enthusiasm and vocal skills brought her enormous praise from audience members, parents and teachers. She literally lit up the stage with her performance.  

Tahlia Back to the 80s.jpg
Jack Harro Back to the 80s.JPG

Jack Harrison - Back To The 80s

Jack did an outstanding job playing the lead role as Corey Palmer (Senior) the narrator in the high school production of Back To The 80s. His outstanding acting abilities made it evident as to why he was chosen for the role. Great job Jack!

Jack Lurch Adams Family.jpg

Jack Flynn - The Addams Family

Jack performed as Lurch in his college production of The Addams Family. Although, I didn't get to see his performance I'm so proud of the level of maturity shown in preparing for this role and during singing lessons.

Jack also performs with a college rock band. He also participated in the school holiday program called RockAcademy, where teens are mentored by Phil Ceberano and other well known working musicians.