Kids Group Classes 

Group lessons are NOT available at the moment due to Cononavirus

Does your child love to sing?

Dots Singing offers small group singing classes for kids. Enrolling your child in singing classes is a great way to build confidence, vocal technique, and performance skills that last a lifetime. Group lessons are an affordable option, perfect for kids not quite ready for individual lessons.

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Ages 8 - 11 years old

10 classes 

40-minute sessions

Class Size: 4 - 6

COST: $20 per class $200 per term) 

WHEN: Term 3:  TBA


Age 8 - 9 (Grade 3 & 4), 4.30 pm - 5:10 pm 

Age 10 - 11 (Grade 5 & 6), 5:15 pm - 5:55 pm

The first class may be paid in cash, before committing to further lessons. Subsequent sessions must be paid in advance for the rest of the term and are non-refundable. ​These classes need a sufficient number to go ahead. 


If you would like more information or to discuss suitability, please contact Dot.​

Organise your group with friends or parents from your Primary School. 

Group Singing Classes For Kids

A fun, supportive series of classes where students learn basic vocal technique and sing songs as a group with some individual instruction given and opportunity for small solo parts to build confidence.


Classes start with breathing and vocal exercises. 

Students are expected to practice the warm-ups and do their best to memorise lyrics to songs.


Performance opportunities will be organised, giving students further opportunity to hone and develop their performance skills. Children will be grouped in similar age and ability. 

Organise your own group with other friends or parents from your Primary School. 


  • Efficient Breath Control

  • Head Voice/Chest Voice

  • Singing with Emotion

  • Dynamics

  • Rhythm 

  • Projection and control of voice

  • Performance skills

  • Building confidence self-esteem 

  • Ear training – listening and blending

  • Working as a team

  • Promote healthy vocal habits

  • Basic vocal anatomy


Singing has been proven to:    

  • Help release stress and foster clear thinking through correct breathing and posture.

  • Be a natural anti-depressant, lowers stress levels and improves mental alertness.

  • Help develop social and emotional skills such as self-expression, confidence, communication, teamwork, cooperation, self-esteem and social inclusion which intern widens the circle of friends.

  • Improve language skills and speech development.

  • Improve Maths skills in areas of fractions, pattern recognition and problem-solving.

Research shows that academic performance improves by over 20% in students studying singing and music.


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